Woman Crush Wednesday

Celebrating women is important to Perfectly Flawed Fit and she is using platforms  social media to celebrate women every week. As I met Grace at the gym we connected immediately and it was a privilege for her to add me to her Woman Crush Wednesday!  To read more go to Perfectly Flawed Fit Blog !

1.Tell us about yourself, what you do etc.?

I am a single of mom of 3 amazing kids and I am CEO and Master Level Trainer of Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada

2.How long have you been into fitness

Since I was a child I used to teach dancing and was a lifeguard so you could say forever, lol

3.Why did you get into fitness and working out?

I always enjoyed the process and how it made you feel after training.

4.What is your favourite exercise and why?

Kettlebells of course! I love the art of kettlebell and the way it functionally trains your body.

5.How has working out impacted your career and life?

It has become my career and impacts my life and others daily! Truly blessed to do what I love and share that with others

6.As a busy person, how do you manage to still prioritize fitness?

I am very disciplined and know I will be better at everything else when I train.  It clears my head so I mentally can be on my game whether it is for business, for my family! My kids know when I haven’t trained and will often say when I am seeming off “Mom, when was the last time you trained?” They are very supportive!

7.Share with us some of your favourite life, beauty, fitness or nutrition hacks?

Beauty…. always take your makeup- my girls have created this habit for me! Healthy for the skin and natural is beautiful!

Fitness – 20 kettlebell swings is a great start and will always make you want to do more!

Nutrition- fuel your body- you need to eat ! Sometimes we get caught up in calories when you need to just listen and learn what your body needs

8.What does selflove mean to you?

Looking in the mirror everyday and saying “I can do whatever I choose to put my mind to and remind myself that the first person I must love is myself before I can love anyone else!”

9.What does self-care look like to you?

Training and eating right and spending time alone to reset myself

10. Share with us your favourite quote?

Absorb what is useful, dissolove what is useless and add uniquely what is your own- Bruce Lee

11.Do you have some fitness tips to help women who are just starting out their fitness journeys?

Start…. go with a friend, find something that peeks your interest, we all love different things ! Life is too short not to fully love all that we do! Train to be better because you are fortunate to be able to – turn the focus to positive ! Kbkbcanada has online training for those who are intimated by the gym and allows you to train for whatever time amount you can do!! Just start!:)