KIN – KBIA Instructor Network

Commit to a Higher Learning and a Higher Quality of Life.

KBIA Instructor Network = KIN … collectively; kinfolk. family relationship or kinship. A group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.

KIN stands for community and kinship. We are a family – a group of like-minded individuals striving to be the best we can be.
Do you crave a sense of community? Do you want to expand your skills and toolkit?

With KIN, you can. You join a community of like-minded individuals. And along the way, you get the essential tips and tricks that enable and empower you to become the best KBIA instructor possible. When you become part of KIN, you no longer pay a recertification fee. You’re offered ongoing education. Only upon your recertification date you are required to email goals and your yearly plans.. KIN is about becoming the best version of you! Only then can you deliver the best instruction and education possible to all your clients.



You’ll learn how to guide your gym, personal training, or small group training clients safely through each and every class. We’ll teach you how to start and end your class, as well as everything in between. Keep your team progressing and motivated by using all our programming tips and tricks.

Marketing Tools

We’ll work with you to grow the Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada brand together. We’ll give you the tools to expand and digitally market your KBKB Canada classes. You’ll get all our tips on how to use your social media accounts to your advantage, as well as guidelines involving creating and targeting your desired market.

Rep Program

You become part of our Rep Program. Our Rep Program requires that you conduct yourself and your business in a way that reflects our mission statement. You’ll further receive a percentage commission for each purchase made under your Rep Code.

Training Workshops/Retreats

We are committed to helping each individual in our program grow and evolve. And that’s why we continual emphasize community through our workshops and retreats. We know each trainer is unique. And we want you to grow and learn from each other’s unique qualities! With your monthly membership, you’ll also receive a discounted price for training and workshops.

Quarterly Presentations

Join us quarterly for presenters on different areas involved in the fitness industry. Topics ranging from wellness, nutrition to having someone present on social media presence! Our group chats will connect you to other KBIA trainers !


I first became acquainted with Jodi and Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada via Instagram. I am a KBIA Level 1 Certified Trainer and a regular attendee of Kettlebell Kickboxing classes in NYC. I began to message Jodi and I would ask her questions and she was always so willing to give me her advice and help me with anything that I needed. She was just so relatable and so real.

Jessica Barillaro

KBIA Instructor- Queens, NYC, USA

*Consult your physician and follow and all safety instructions prior to beginning this or any other exercise program. This program is not made to replace a doctor. Results may vary from person to person and are not typical to everyone. We always advise you to try the program for yourself and see what a real and scientific training regiment and nutrition plan can do for you.