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What You Get

Want a way to target all the major muscle groups of your body within a supportive, encouraging, and motivating environment? With Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada, this is exactly what you get. A kettlebell workout involves core stability, balance, coordination, strength, and more. You end up improving all aspects of fitness, while enjoying the process and becoming part of an incredible and like-minded community.



From kettlebell swings to lunges and squats, the kettlebell is a powerful tool that can improve your body composition and overall fitness. With the incorporation of various dynamic movements, kettlebell workouts offer an efficient and effective workout, incomparable to anything else. Whether you want to work on your cardiovascular fitness or strength, our kettlebell classes will help you achieve your goals and more.


Everyone is here for the same reasons — to better themselves and treat their bodies right. Working up a sweat doesn’t just improve your physical self. It can also help you connect with other individuals and free your mind and soul. With our kettlebell classes, you empower not only yourself, but others too. Together, we can become better. Join our community today!

Drop in

Not sure if you want to make a commitment right away? Drop in and try a class. Find out if kettlebell classes are right for you. We’re a bit biased, but we have a feeling that you might just fall in love with this style of workout and the community around it.

Technique Class Package

This package involves four sessions, where you can mix and match technique classes with regular in-studio classes. Find the best combination for you and your body. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

4 session package

The 4 session package applies to our regular in-studio classes only and is applicable within 45 days after purchase. With this package, you can attend a class once a week for a month or condense them down into a few weeks.

8 session package

Want more? Consider this your challenge. Our 8 session package is good for up to 45 days after purchase. Get those sessions in and feel empowered through functional and dynamic kettlebell movements.

10 session package

If you want to really dive into the world of kettlebell classes, this 10 session package has got you covered. After purchase, this package is available for your use up to 45 days from the day of sale.

12 session package

You’ve committed. And maybe you’ve even fallen in love with kettlebell classes by this point. Our 12 session package is good to go for up to 60 days after purchase, helping you achieve a toned body and a clear mind.

25 Sessions

Commit for the next 120 days. Our 25 session package offers you an abundant amount of options to get in shape and improve yourself. You have 120 days after the date of purchase to make use of these sessions.


If you want ongoing access to four sessions per month, the beginner monthly pass allows you to do just that. Get those weekly sessions in!


The elite monthly pass gives you access to eight sessions a month. Attend two times a week or fit these sessions into your schedule however which way you choose!


If you don’t want any restraints, our warrior monthly pass gives you access to as many classes as you want. Get moving without restrictions!



Each session will make you better. Each session will become easier. Start right here and right now. There is never a perfect time, but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start achieving your goals and more. Who do you want to be? Imagine where you want to be in 12 months, and start stepping into becoming that person today.
Get a customized kettlebell workout suited to you and your goals. Work one-on-one with a trainer for a more personalized experience and to reach your fitness goals that much faster. Personal training focuses on you and propels you forward to where you want to be. Sign up today to get the most out of your life tomorrow.

What Others Are Saying…

Client Testimonials

I love participating in the abs & abs/glute challenge that was hosted by Jodi of KBKB studio.

The exercises are fun, challenging, different and do-able for any level of fitness. There’s an accountability aspect to the challenge as well as you get Jodi’s inspirational “can do attitude” and “high energy.”

Jodi is knowledgeable, models what she asks of her participants and her programs will empower you to reach your goals, if you put in the work and stay true to your commitment.


Jodi is amazing and Kettlebell Kickboxing had not only changed me physically it had pushed me to be the best version of myself inside and out! When you surround yourself with an amazing environment and phenomenal people you can accomplish anything ! Jodi thanks for leading us and instructing us to be the best versions of ourselves❤️?#Kettlebellstrong

Patti Dunlop

I’m only three weeks into the KBKB Canada glutes & core challenge and I can already see the difference paying off in strength. Solid proof: I beat my previous record running hill repeats. In fact, I doubled it. Is it the workouts? Or is it Jodi’s voice in my head saying things like “When you think you can’t go any further or do any more — just STOP thinking.”? Probably both. And what a perfect combo is that?

Maureen MacDonald


Find the monthly membership that works for you, your body, and your goals. Start today.

*Consult your physician and follow and all safety instructions prior to beginning this or any other exercise program. This program is not made to replace a doctor. Results may vary from person to person and are not typical to everyone. We always advise you to try the program for yourself and see what a real and scientific training regiment and nutrition plan can do for you.