As we boarded the plane January 6, 2020 our Kettlebell Kickboxing Team was eager and excited for our new adventure that was ahead of us! A different part to my usual travel was travelling with a small team this trip.  We were on route to representing Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada at our first Group Fitness Retreat.  I had been in contact with one of the organizers 2 summers ago where I was invited to join to teach and bring along clients.  So I boarded the plane with 3 clients, 1 who was certified KBIA instructor, 1 was was a long time client who had been training the progam and the other who had training the program for 8 months after meeting me at the First Nations Reserve.  It was a great adventure! Through this retreat we learnt much about our capabilities, our drive and our future goals but most importantly I think we all learnt about ourselves!

My Kettlebell Kickboxing Team that travelled with me from Regina! Jacquie, Iva, Jodi and Sean!







Each of my team has had much success with Kettlebell Kickboxing and their stories unique! Let’s first start with Jacquie, mom of 2 incredible chidren and wife! She has never given up on any of our challenges and has pushed herself with discipline and everlasting determination. On a personal note she is one of the kindness individuals I know and was such a pleasure travelling with her on this trip! I am so excited to look towards her jouney in 2020!

Iva, our dictionary definition of determined- ” having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it! ”   I  met Iva in May of 2019 when I travelled for 6 weeks to Day Star First Nations.  After training for 6 weeks her and another amazing woman decided to travel to train with me 3 times a week! For starters you should know that the trip round trip included 1 hour class would be 4 hours- 1.5 hours to me 1 hour class and another 1.5 hours back home- if that is not dedication! We celebrated Iva’s 72 birthday with her in class and watching her train weekly to have a quality of life with movement is incredible to watch! Watching her conquer the 900 foot water fall was definitely a highlight of mine. Reminding me that we must keep our bodies moving!

Sean, one of my kbia instructors who has taken his training and certification with him to help guide him and complete most recent a spartan race in Greece.  His integrity and kindness to others shares our philosophy on what Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada wants for our instructors.  Watching him teach the kettlebell swing to staff or passing by holiday people who were curious about the pink ball we had brought was a pleasure!

In this life we are blessed with the ability to move and these 3 are definitely people who are grateful to move.  They do not look at training for life as work but as a blessing! 

A thought that stays with me from the water fall hike was this…. as I looked up I thought it is a long way up, then reminded myself that by taking little steps along the way with great people beside me that any thing can be accomplished! Good people and good intentions bring out the best success!

If you are interested in joining us next year in Domican Republic Click here!