I met Iva at DayStar First Nations, the day I met her as I drove home her energy travelled back with me. She did not know how to do a jumping jack but a look of dissappointment never crossed her face, just determination. After 6 weeks of training together my time at DayStar had come to an end but her and another lovely lady decided they would make the trip in to train with my at my location, that is 1.5 hours to me then 1.5 hours back home. Since May, Iva also emarked on her Fitness Retreat with me to Jamaica in January 2020! Through our travels she began to share her life story and as I really felt that if she was comfortable to share it was a story that I think others needed to hear. Through death, alcholism and abuse, this woman found her way through determination to find a way to smile and be grateful everyday! It has been such a privilege to train her and to get to know her. When we travelled to Jamaica, I asked her if she would be my adopted Kokum. The Cree word Kokum is their word for Grandma, and they are a very wise, special person. I am very honored to have Iva as a client and now as my Kokum. I hope you enjory this video and find inspiration for yourself to “Carry On” with laughter and a smile! Below the video I have added in more pictures and written a little more on this inspirtational woman.

The Dislocated Toe Story

I could not do a blog on Iva without sharing the dislocated toe story.  Now by no means would I recommend what we did but it is part of who Iva is and how tough she continues to be.  Let’s go back, Day 2 Jamaica 2020 Fitness Retreat.  We were walking to the Fitness Center as I was about to teach my first class.  Iva walks over to me and says “Jodi look at my baby toe.”  I look down to see her baby toe sticking out, well you know away from her other toes.   I look at her quizzically and say, ” is that how it always looks?” (well you never know).  She laughed I believe and said “no I hit it on the lounge chair when I slipped on the wet deck” , it had just rained.  I then begin my investigation, “does it hurt?”, she wiggles it and says “no not really.” So remember I am about to teach my class, Cy who has organized the trip tells me no worries and that she will take her to the front and see if a doctor or nurse can help her.  After my class Cy comes back to me to say that they want to take Iva in the ambulance to a hospital 2 hours away, first of all I know Iva and I know what she has been through so I immediately think, this is not that serious and I know how tough she is.  I go to her with one of my trainers and she is not is huge distress just wanting her toe back in place.  I know close friends who are registered nurses from back home so I message them saying a client of mine has dislocated her toe, what can I do.  They suggest putting it back into place, my next question is
“HOW?”  Today’s answer, youtube it! lol The thought of pulling on my clients toe made my stomach cringe.  So after a quick youtube we decide to go to a local hospital and get someone there to set it.  While on our way, Iva me and my trainer Sean we are constantly discussing if we should try as we were not sure what a trip to a hospital in a forgein country entails.  As we were driving I asked the driver if he had a phone charger, as the thought of being again in a forgein country and all of our devices were almost dead.  While he pulled over to get a charger he mentions the likely hood that we will spend all day and night at the hospital- pivotal turning moment.  Iva looks at Sean, Sean looks at Iva and then say ” do you want to reset it? , do you want me to reset it?” Then they both look at me.  I am not sure but agree if they are both agreeing then we should try as both my nurse friends recommended we try.  Sean gets out and goes to Iva’s side, she says “don’t tell me when you do it.” I told her to look at me and hold my hand.  A loud pop happens and then Sean says “done”, we look down and the toe is back into position.  I can’t believe it, we tell the gentleman to drive us back to the resort, he laughs and says we are crazy!  Once back we hit the bar for ice, get some advil and use Iva’s bandana to brace her toe with the ice pack and we set her up in a lounge chair.  Our group joke is to say “Carry On” no matter what life throws at you because you ultimately need to just Carry On!  The reason I share this story because I think it shows you Iva’s character and how strong and brave she is.  I do not recommend resetting toes or any joint for that matter.  The situation we were in where 2 nurses would rather send us 2 hours in ambulance to reset a toe instead of resetting it for her lead us to this decision and once Iva was back on Canadian soil she went to her family doctor, where he said it was a job well done!   Since then Iva is back swinging kettlebells and partaking in our KBKB Fun Night of wall climbing, yes that is her  at the top!!! #strong


Yesterday, February 23,2020 Iva and I went for a walk around the lake.  Like every conversation we started out by talking about the weather, which for this time of year was incredible.  Then our conversation shifted to the past, not because we want to dwell on it only because we believe the past has made us who we are, strong, brave, determined women.  Iva shared with me her childhood and I reflected and shared mine.  In relationships it is a give and take, even in this one. We take turns listening and empathizing our journey.  We laugh, we shed tears and we embrace our friendship and are grateful our paths have crossed.  I look forward to watching what other great things this woman will do and feel fortunate to have her be part of my journey also.  When people step on my mat I want to embrace them and what they are willing to share with me and I want to give them the best fitness experience ever!

Enjoy the day and remember to be grateful and yes, grab a kettlebell and join us in class or online!!!

Jodi 🙂

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