I have never worked out a day in my life – is this for me?

There is no way to ‘get-fit’ for fitness. Keeping that in mind we do structure our classes to make every individual comfortable when starting their training – no matter their fitness level or training background. Similarly, the Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ 7 Day Lean, Scorcher Series, Absolute Abs & Body Series DVDs and programs have many options; including a beginner level, intermediate and advanced. Following along with Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ in class or in your living room has never been easier or more rewarding. Remember Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ has moves for every level of fitness and every goal.

I have been working out for years and consider myself in decent shape, however I do want an added kick and challenge to my workout without plateauing – is this for me?

Just as we give modifications for beginners, Kettlebell Kickboxing™ classes and the Scorcher Series DVD’s give options for more advanced, physically fit individuals.

In class every instructor demonstrates between two to five options, starting from beginner and modified motions to intermediate, advanced and super advanced. After dedicating your time to classes you will be able to pick between different motions, always challenging your body to go further and push harder.

Similarly in the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ 7 Day Lean, Scorcher Series & Body Series DVDs had an advanced option in every DVD, so once you have passed beginner and modified motion, you can follow along with the regular intermediate option and then go to advanced.

Do I need anything before I go to a class? What do I need to get started in class?

You need NOTHING to get started! (Not even a pair of sneakers). Just walk in for your first trial class (Your initial class is FREE, as long as it is not combined with any other deals). You do not need to be ‘fit’ for class. You do not need to know kettlebells or martial arts beforehand. We have all of the tools you need so just have comfortable workout clothing with you. You can go barefoot or wear sneakers – and just start training.

If you live in NYC and would like to take class, please Click HERE to see the full schedule.

If you are in another area, please see our Instructor list to find a Kettlebell Kickboxing™ class near you.

If you cannot find a class near you Click HERE to start training at home with the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ 7 Day Lean, Scorcher Series & Body Series DVDs, which is just like being in Dasha’s NYC class!

Which weight should I use when following the Scorcher Series DVDs?

For 7 Day Lean you need NOTHING! but a small space in your living room, hotel room, in the park, on the beach – you pick! For the Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ Scorcher Series & Body Series DVDs you’ll need one dumbbell or one kettlebell.

If you never workout start with a 5 or ten pound weight, if you are gym goer use a 10, 12 or 15 pound weight. If you feel physically fit and want a good challenge, use one twenty pound kettlebell or dumbbell.

How can I get certified to teach Kettlebell Kickboxing™ ?

If you want to offer Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ in your facility, gym, martial arts school or Yoga studio – find out how you can double your student base and create a whole new market, with a system that works and transforms the female body. If you are a personal trainer or fitness class teacher, you can also click on the link below to find an overview of the instructor certification programs that will bring the power of the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ method to you.

I want to get the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Scorcher Series, but I only have a dumbbell at home – can I still train?

As mentioned the 7 Day Lean does not require any weights or equipment. Yes! You can do the entire Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ Scorcher Series & Body Series DVDs with a dumbbell. This way you can get started right away. You also only need one weight, not a set of two. If using a dumbbell, you will simply follow along with one of the girls doing the modifications on Dasha’s left hand side.
This also works well if you are traveling and want to do the DVD in a gym or apartment that has no kettlebells. Remember, Kettlebell Kickboxing™ uses the principles of kettlebell training, but those same motions can be done with a regular weight.

Do I need sneakers or can I train barefoot?

In your live classes and in the DVD’s you can train both barefoot or in sneakers. Traditionally both Muay Thai kickboxing and Kettlebells are trained barefoot, while most fitness classes are done in sneakers – with KB, you can try both.

Keep in mind if you have any foot, ankle or knee issues the correct footwear can help you maintain the structural integrity of your body , minimize impact and potential injury. If you have any physical issues, specifically with your knees or feet, please wear good sneakers.

What is the difference between all of the classes? I see different names and topics.

Many of the classes you see on the website schedule and on the DVD series have various areas of specialty, and although some classes target a little bit more of a specific area (glutes, legs, arms, abs) every class is predominantly a total body workout. First and foremost every class we offer trains each and every muscle in your body, recruits your cardiovascular system and allows you to maximize your calorie burn before and after your training. While the topic classes should be a reference of specific areas, you will always have a total body workout and leave the class or stop the DVD drenched in sweat.

Is this a cardio program?

Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ is not a just a cardio or strength program: It is BOTH. You can count the classes and the DVD’s as your cardio session, but keep in mind that you are getting far more than just a calorie burn. As you use the kettlebell and martial motion to get your heart rate up, you are training your cardiovascular system while simultaneously you are also strength training, sculpting and raising your metabolic rate.

Will I get bulky?

No! Due to the structure of the time intervals, the motions and the way they are combined it is highly unlikely. You will ever get bulky. It’s actually simple science: ‘hypertrophy’ of the ‘increase in muscle volume’ is only possible when a person adheres to a basic lifting formula, maxing out their weight at 8-10 repetitions. Because Kettlebell Kickboxing is structured around time intervals, your rounds or motion are ‘total body’ endurance rounds, always allowing you to go past your ten max repetition, therefore allowing the body to lean, tone and sculpt – not bulk.

How is this different from other kettlebell classes and DVD’s?

Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ is NOT a kettlebell class and the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Scorcher Series, Body Series, 7 Day Lean DVD’s are not strictly kettlebell workouts. Dasha Libin was the first person to use the power lifting and weight distribution ‘total body’ principles of kettlebells to combine those motions with martial arts, creating a unique system that has never existed in any gyms or training principles. Approximately 80% of Dasha’s techniques and moves are Kettlebell Kickboxing™ trademarks which do not exist anywhere else. You will encounter the kettlebell swings and other kettlebell lifts, which Dasha felt were important to keep, but the system is unique and different, providing great results for the female body.

How is this different from regular kickboxing classes I have taken?

Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is not a kickboxing or Muay thai class. You do not need gloves or hand wraps. You will not be sparring or hitting objects. The use of Kickboxing stand for ‘Martial Art Motion’, using the elements of kicking, punching, knee skips, sprawls, Stand-ups, various stances and other such martial art principles to sculpt out the body. Dasha was the first person to take her martial art experience and combine that with Kettlebells, creating total body trademark motions that allow you to do strength training and cardio, equally and efficiently.

Will this help me cross train for my sport?

Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is commonly paired as a cross training method, helping athletes and recreational athletes like marathon runners, triathletes, cross-country skiers and bikers beat their time, enhance their muscular endurance and keep the body agile and fit between their regular training regiments.

We have had countless students help beat their time in marathons, enhance their agility for sport activities and help prevent injury through training. So long as you do not over train, making sure to follow basic training guidelines for your body and your sport, and have good nutrition, then sure – GO FOR IT! Use KB as a method to enhance your body and your sport.

Do I have to diet to see results?

No, at Kettlebell Kickboxing™ we do not believe in diets. We advise all of our students to eat clean and make sure every meal has nutritional value. We do not ask anyone to count calories, restrict food or omit food groups. It is not necessary.  You can check out the Lifestyle/ Subscribe to our newsletters for clean eating guidelines, provided by Dasha monthly.  If you feel like you need a nutrition education and customized program to go with your workouts we strongly recommend the 7 Day Lean program- which includes a complete nutrition program for vega, vegetarian, gluten free individuals and well as regular diets.

With all of our  Kettlebell Kickboxing™ programs  a nutritional guidebook will be a part of your package. Again, we simply teach you to make correct choices, basic trade-ins and provide great options. We stand by our words- if you train Kettlebell Kickboxing™  3x week, you will not need to live on a diet.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

As you can see on the pictures and stories in our Success Stories above our case studies are all authentic and have had incredible results, and we are very proud of that, all of the women displayed above are real women that did our program. However, as with anything you should try the program for yourself, as everyone is different and results are not typical and may vary from person to person. It is important to understand that lasting weight- loss, strength and health are typically accomplished through a natural and solid program of both fitness and nutrition- this is exactly why the 7 Day Lean combines both nutrition and fitness in a solid program with beginner, intermediate and advanced options!  And why both the Body and Scorcher Series DVDs are a set and a program, not just random workouts.

I am over fifty – is this even a possibility for me?

Dasha’s mom consistently comes to classes and when she cannot, she uses the DVD at home. Similarly so does her aunt and countless other women, of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. You can be fifty or sixty and still use Kettlebell kickboxing™ to get healthy and fit. Studies have proven that strength training is one of the greatest ways to keep the body healthy, strong, injury free and prevent medical issues like osteoporosis, heart issues, diabetes and cancer. Do not let anything hold you back- especially not your age. This workout is for EVERYONE!

I feel like I have to get in shape to do this class.

There is no such thing as getting in shape to train. GET IN HERE and just do it! GET THE DVD and just do it! We offer modifications and always remind you to train at your own pace, building strength with each sessions. Through time you will see yourself transform- getting healthier, stronger, leaner, faster, more agile, coordinated, less stressed and empowered.

Why is Kettlebell Kickboxing™ a female only class?

It’s not!  We have coed classes and our DVDs are also done by males (who have seen great results). However, we do like to have classes that are female only- mainly for the community and trust it builds. Additionally Dasha’s programs are unique in the way they sculpt and pay attention to many areas that female typically think about- inner thighs, abs, obliques, legs and glutes. The guys in classes or doing the DVDs can simply pick up heavier weights and get the workout in! We promise boys- you will NOT be disappointed!   So, i all of our classes and home fitness programs we train as hard as anyone else- male and female. Dasha has maintained a female only class simply because she finds that women sometimes need a sacred space, an environment where they can let their hair down, pull their tank tops up and JUST BE.

Additionally, while the motions are total body, Dasha has created countless ‘female specific’ trademark moves that focus on areas like the inner thighs,  upper and lower part of the glutes, the back of the legs, lean abdomens and smaller toned arms.

Let’s face it- men and women both want flat perfect abs, but our idea of perfection differs (men want six packs while women want flat lean abs with slight definition). It is because of this Dasha chosen to focus her system on helping women transform themselves- inside and out.

But do not get it twisted – if your boyfriend or husband does this workout with you – he will be sweating and working just as hard (if not harder)!

I can’t find a class near me!

Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ is currently available in several locations throughout the United States. If you cannot find a facility near you- try our Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Scorcher Series DVD, it’s just as fun and productive as doing a live class! If you want to to become a certified KBIA instructor please check out this page here KBIA or email Info@KettlebellKickboxingCanada.comKettlebell Kickboxing ™ is currently available in several locations throughout the United States. If you cannot find a facility near you- try our Kettlebell Kickboxing™ Scorcher Series DVD, it’s just as fun and productive as doing a live class! If you want to to become a certified KBIA instructor please check out this page here KBIA or email Info@KettlebellKickboxingCanada.com

How big are your classes?

In order to maintain the integrity of the class, we cut off at thirty students.

Since the classes have both senior and new students the instructors always provide two to four options in moves. Similarly the instructors walk over to every new student to correct form and explain each motion.

I just don’t have the time/I have too many other pressures right now.

The greater things you do, the greater amount of success you will see in your life. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with pressure from daily responsibilities — both at work and at home. It doesn’t help to look at exercise as just another burden! Just as eating, showering and brushing your teeth are part of the daily routine of taking care of yourself, so should exercise be a priority in your life!

Joining Kettlebell Kickboxing™ or doing the DVD series will help you to reduce your stress and prioritize fitness as part of your self-care routine. Just 2 hours a week will give you the equivalent of 4 hours at the gym.

Just 3 days a week, for 3 weeks with the Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ Scorcher Series of the DVD will begin to produce visible changes in your body.

I am too old. It’s too late for me to start now!

You are never too old to train. Everyone trains for a different reason, and the reasons you train will change with time. The ideal practitioner will never leave their training they will simply focus on the goals set before them and always strive to learn and evolve both physically and mentally. The main goal of Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is self-improvement. Through training, at any age, you can achieve not only physical benefits such as balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, stamina, and power, but also mental benefits such as focus, discipline, self-control, peace and self-confidence.

I am out of shape right now. I have to get in better shape before I start training.

There is no way to get in shape for this… let us build you; we have been doing so for the past 15 years. Joining a Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is an excellent way to get in shape – you will achieve results faster than you ever thought possible. Kettlebell Kickboxing™ produces functional, very well rounded results, in physical fitness, health and mental fitness. Think of it as cross-training all areas of the body.

I am uncoordinated, I have never done anything like this, and I’m afraid that I’ll make a fool out of myself.

Always remember that everyone had to begin somewhere. Even the most coordinated student in the class was a beginner at one time, with the same fears and apprehensions! We have been training and developing individuals of all levels and abilities or the past 15 years. Trust Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ , and let us help you discover and tap into your potential. New students join Kettlebell Kickboxing ™ every day, so you will not be the only beginner. Instructors and advanced students will help you on your new journey. Remember to have fun! Be patient with yourself and don’t get frustrated. Don’t expect to be perfect! Your body has to learn how to move the way your brain tells it to. It only takes a few weeks to start training your body and see the results and development of martial arts.

In the DVD series, similarly Dasha and the girls will guide you and help you develop and achieve.

I just don’t have the money.

Ask  any girl that has trained and achieved her fitness goals – how much money would she accept to sell that accomplishment. Then listen to her response. Kettlebell Kickboxing will create an impact on your life!

What is the value of a product that will provide you with the benefits you want and have been looking for? What exactly is it worth for YOU to empower yourself with the physical abilities and body you have always dreamed of? The feeling of reaching your goals and feeling pure and real success? If you don’t seem to have the money in your budget, you might just be surprised by ways you can regain those funds by making some minor small changes in certain details of your life. Cutting certain expenses for those that ultimately matter most and provide life-transforming results.

I’m worried that I’ll get hurt!

At Kettlebell Kickboxing™ we take all of the necessary precautions to keep you as safe as possible. The program was developed by Dasha Libin, a Master in Sports Science with a specialization in Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. The combination of her knowledge and experience creates a systematic, smart and secure environment developed for optimal growth and minimal injury. This is one of our highest priorities. Experienced, KBIA certified instructors always supervise classes.

Similarly for the DVD series- every move comes from experience and asks for your trust.

I’m afraid because I don’t know anyone else in the class. I’ll feel like a misfit!

We are a family. We support each other; we have a common goal and a unique and common understanding. For years and on-going generations, our program has been known for its hospitality, along with a unique environment where you can personally prosper. Joining the Academy is a truly great way to meet new people and develop relationships that can last a lifetime.

Or- grab the DVD and get to know the girls at home!

I never stick to anything.

Changes are yours to make, life is about evolution. If you decide to do something – Do It! If you have always pictured yourself looking a specific way, feeling a specific way, having a unique ability – You Can! YOU must walk the path.

Kettlebell Kickboxing™ training is very unique. It will build you without getting boring or monotonous. Most people gravitate towards the training and look forward to each class. This is the perfect time to break bad habits and try something that can change the course of other things in your life. No matter your age, gender or current physical ability – you will succeed and enjoy the process… just give it a fair chance. At the Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy, our instructors provide motivation, encouragement and feedback to help keep you focused on all of your goals.

I just don’t want to make a commitment.

Any successful person has committed himself or herself to achieving that success. Most people commit to things that they are passionate about, or things that will benefit them. Joining the Kettlebell Kickboxing™ or committing yourself to the DVD involves taking an important step that will provide you with many life-long benefits. MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF – one that allows you to see and reach your highest personal potential and purpose. Let us help see you through that commitment, and allow yourself to experience the rewards.

How do I download the Fitness Programs on my iPhone?

Thank you for purchasing our Digital Downloads! As this may be a little tricky for you, we have created a step by step process for you.  Download the instructions here.

Looking to download to your MAC find additional instructions here.

*Consult your physician and follow and all safety instructions prior to beginning this or any other exercise program. This program is not made to replace a doctor. Results may vary from person to person and are not typical to everyone. We always advise you to try the program for yourself and see what a real and scientific training regiment and nutrition plan can do for you.