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Physical Activity & Your Mental Well-Being

For the purpose of this article I am giving you my perspective and my personal facts on my sole experiences.  I want to share with you a story about my relationship between physical fitness and with my mental well-being, as I believe it to be beneficial to you during...

A Kettlebell Journey for CEO Jodi Barrett

As Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada has evolved, CEO Jodi Barrett shares with us her journey of the past 4.5 years of her business and a look at her past life experiences! Getting the May 2021 Feature in Gym Owners Monthly Magazine.   Titles CEO of Kettlebell...

Eating Healthy with ZestyKits

Dear Clients, As you may know my life is often on the go, and with wanting to have a complete healthy lifestyle this "must" include healthy eating! I know I do not always have that extra time to shop and prep, so this is where ZestyKits comes in! They are nutritious...

Heartache & Abuse – Iva’s Journey with Kettlebell Kickboxing

I met Iva at DayStar First Nations, the day I met her as I drove home her energy travelled back with me. She did not know how to do a jumping jack but a look of dissappointment never crossed her face, just determination. After 6 weeks of training together my time at...

Jamaica Fitness Retreat 2020

As we boarded the plane January 6, 2020 our Kettlebell Kickboxing Team was eager and excited for our new adventure that was ahead of us! A different part to my usual travel was travelling with a small team this trip.  We were on route to representing Kettlebell...

The Road To Sparta Through Eyes of KBIA Trainer

When I last wrote, I spoke of my journey from being a Spartan to becoming a KBIA Certifiedinstructor for Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada. I realize that article implied a transition from one tothe other which is far from the case. At no point did I give up with my...


  We are undoubtably "Stronger Together", our KBIA trainers program has always been about a community of like-minded trainer! It is an absolute honor to share with you the stories behind our trainers! They are real, they are unique and they are STRONG!   Meet...

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday Celebrating women is important to Perfectly Flawed Fit and she is using platforms  social media to celebrate women every week. As I met Grace at the gym we connected immediately and it was a privilege for her to add me to her Woman Crush...


As we start this journey together its time to say; IT’S TIME! Time for what? Time to set up and identify our goals! Through out this challenge it is very safe to say that we are training for more then just looks. Training should be just as much about developing the...

Spartan to KBIA Certified

Spartan to KBIA How did I go from Spartan training to being a KBIA certified instructor? The differences of what I’m doing in those two pictures is pretty significant, but I’m being a little sneaky here, because that Spartan picture is AFTER I was deep into Kettlebell...

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