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“If you are lost, stop searching and just be. Listen to the whisper within you that tells you what feels right. Grow your inner strength as it will carry you forward and make you strong on the outside and DREAM BIG!” – Jodi Barrett Franklin

Kettlebell Kickboxing (KB) was originally created by martial artist, kettlebell expert, and fitness professional, Dasha L. Anderson. Dasha used her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, her Russian kettlebell heritage, and her martial arts expertise to combine her knowledge into this one-of-a-kind fitness method. Over the past decade, Kettlebell Kickboxing has transformed how kettlebells are used and taught across gyms, home fitness, group fitness, professional sports teams, and studios all around the world.

Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada was the evolution of the US KB brand. Jodi Barret was a full time mom who lived for her children. With her children growing up, she began searching for something to call all her own. She sought out balance. And she found exactly that with kettlebell kickboxing. With the realization that a good kettlebell education and programming was lacking in Canada, Jodie completed her KBIA-master Level Certification, and led the creation of the KB Canada community.

Jodi now heads all of Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada and is the brand representative and owner with a KB series of DVDs, classes, seminars, & certifications.

Strength Training

Become empowered and gain strength through functional and compound movements.


Improve your mobility and flexibility through the power of the kettlebell.

Weight Loss

Achieve a greater state of health with kettlebell kickboxing workouts, classes, and more.


The Gym


Using state-of-the-art equipment to help you achieve a higher level of health, wellness, and strength than you ever thought possible.

At Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada, we are committed to ensuring our equipment is in the best state to help guide you toward your fitness goals and beyond. We regularly clean all of our kettlebells and other equipment, ensuring your health and safety comes first.
Our team constantly stays in the know regarding all the latest kettlebell kickboxing resources, tools, and equipment, guaranteeing only the best for every one of your workouts.

Join the movement. Become empowered. There’s no better time to start than right here and right now. Consider this your sign to get moving!

Jodi Barrett

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist

*Consult your physician and follow and all safety instructions prior to beginning this or any other exercise program. This program is not made to replace a doctor. Results may vary from person to person and are not typical to everyone. We always advise you to try the program for yourself and see what a real and scientific training regiment and nutrition plan can do for you.